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Makeup Artist TV Studio Must-Haves

A makeup artist’s role is crucial in enhancing the on-camera appearance of talents. Whether it is a TV show, a movie, or a live event, a makeup artist’s job is to make sure that the actors, hosts, or models look their best in front of the camera. But, to achieve this, they need to have the right makeup tools and products on hand. In this blog post, we will discuss the essential makeup artist TV studio must-haves that can help them achieve their job effectively.

Essential Makeup Tools

A makeup artist should have a set of high-quality makeup brushes for different applications. For instance, brushes for blending eyeshadows, applying foundation, contouring, or adding blush. The brushes’ bristles should be made of synthetic or natural fibers to ensure they are gentle on the skin and provide a smooth finish. It is also essential to have makeup sponges and blending tools that can help blend the makeup seamlessly. Additionally, the makeup artist should have sanitizing tools to ensure hygienic makeup application.

Makeup palettes with shades and textures are a must-have in a TV studio. A makeup artist should have a palette of eyeshadows with different colors and finishes, such as matte, shimmer, or glitter. They should also have a range of lipsticks, blushes, and highlighters to create different looks for different talents. A wide range of shades can help the makeup artist create looks that complement the talent’s skin tone and features.

Skin Prep Products

The key to a flawless makeup application is to have a good skincare routine that preps the skin for makeup application. A makeup artist should have a moisturizer to hydrate the skin before applying makeup. They should also have a primer that smooths out the skin’s texture and helps the makeup stay in place for longer. Additionally, sunscreen is an essential part of any skincare routine, even when indoors.

Makeup Setting Products

A makeup artist should use a setting spray to keep the makeup in place for longer. A makeup setting spray can help the makeup last for hours, even in hot and humid conditions. There are setting sprays available in the market that cater to specific skin types, such as oily, dry, or sensitive skin. A makeup artist should choose a setting spray that suits the talent’s skin type.

Specialized Makeup Products

A makeup artist should have specialized makeup products to cater to different types of projects. For instance, if a project involves water, the makeup artist should use waterproof makeup to ensure that the makeup stays in place even when wet. Waterproof makeup can be used for swimming scenes or rainy day shoots. Additionally, a makeup artist should have concealers and color correctors to cover blemishes and discoloration on the skin. They should use a color corrector to neutralize the color of the blemish and then use a concealer to cover it. A makeup artist should choose a concealer that matches the talent’s skin tone.

A makeup artist should also have special effects products for creative projects. Special effects makeup can help create scars, bruises, or wounds on the skin to make the talent’s appearance look realistic.

Additional Must-Haves

Apart from makeup products, a makeup artists should have additional must-haves in their kit. They should have makeup remover and cleansing products to remove the makeup after the shoot. The makeup remover should be gentle on the skin and should not cause any irritation. The makeup artist should also have cleansing products to clean the talent’s skin before makeup application.

Additionally, lighting and mirrors are crucial for accurate makeup application and touch-ups. The lighting should be bright enough to see every detail on the talent’s face, and the mirrors should be large enough for the talent to see their entire face. A first-aid kit is an essential part of a makeup artist’s kit. The kit should have band-aids, antiseptic creams, and emergency pain relievers. The makeup artist should also have a CPR mask and gloves to ensure that they can handle any situation that arises.


In conclusion, a makeup artist TV studio must-have list should include essential makeup tools, skin prep products, makeup setting products, specialized makeup products, additional must-haves, and a first-aid kit. Having the right makeup tools and products can help the makeup artist achieve the best on-camera look for talents. Investing in high-quality tools and products can go a long way in ensuring that the talents look their best on camera.

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